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If you're perplexed because your best reads aren't booking, here, now, for the first time you can get the inside tricks that few successful professionals are willing to divulge.

56 Slick Tricks for Voice Over
Audio CD and Workbook

56 tricks, concepts, agendas, techniques, mind-sets, skills and methods guaranteed to advance your abilities toward voice over excellence and meet with the bone-crunching national competition of today.

Workbook and CD Highlights:

  • Over a dozen slating and audition tricks and techniques to grab casting people and producers by the ear!
  • Concepts, agendas, mind-sets and methods that will keep you working way outside the box.
  • How to come up with evocative, unique choices.
  • Attain effective self-direction skills.
  • Insider tricks from the finest directors, producers and talents in the history of the industry:   Mel Blanc, Chuck Blore, Paul Rubin, John Cleese, Robert Altman, Darragh O'Farrell and more.
  • How to stay "in the moment" with your acting and radically improve your narration and announcing reads

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