Pat Fraley's Private Sessions

I am pleased to offer Private Voice Over Sessions during which I can offer specific, focused guidance to my students, which cannot be effectively addressed during a workshop or event.

I can accelerate your voice over efforts in one of two ways: Private Sessions in Los Angeles

  • Held in a recording studio environment in Los Angeles.
  • Includes 1 Hour of Booth Time.
  • Includes meeting time for discussion either before or after the session.

Fee: $200/Session
Includes studio and recording costs.
Please check on Pat's availability prior to paying your fee.

Private Sessions outside Los Angeles

I have developed a method for teaching those of you who live outside the Los Angeles area, which I find productive and more efficient than working over the telephone. Actually, it makes time and distance a plus rather than an inconvenience.

Here's how it works:

  • I send you copy, script or text via e-mail in a pdf format.
  • You record your efforts.
  • You send me an mp3 of your efforts via e-mail.
  • I listen, make directorial and teaching notes and get back to you with comments.
  • You adjust, record, and send your efforts in an mp3 back to me.
  • We work this way until the time in notes, comments, and guidance constitutes an hour or so.

The great advantage to working this way is that it allows you the time to think before you respond and the opportunity to work at it until you feel you have taken the direction. It allows me the opportunity get very specific about my direction and teaching, and, when needful, I can consult one of my colleagues for assistance working on your read or performance.

Fee: $200/Session
Please check on Pat's availability prior to paying your fee.

Customized Sessions to Meet Your Specific Needs

•The Discovery and Use of Personal Style•

•Evocative, Unique, and Developed Character Voices•

•Expressiveness and Advanced Microphone Technique•

•Audiobook Reading and Performance Technique•

•Text Analysis, Interesting Performance Choices, Increasing Audition to Booking Ratios•

For more information or to arrange private sessions, please contact me at

Here's looking forward to your future!